A Classic Grill Room


A relaxed, sophisticated, New York-style grill room with a timeless menu of transatlantic favourites, salads, crustacea and steaks, and a big helping of old-world glamour.

Open for breakfast and lunch, Monday to Sunday; dinner, Monday to Saturday and brunch on Saturdays.

Nathaniel Newnham-Davies captured the spirit in his 1914 'Gourmet Guide to London':
"The modern Grill Room we owe, I think, to the Americans for the travelling American […] has his own very sensible ideas as to what comfort is […]. The grill-room gives him an excellent dinner, just as long or short as he likes, served quickly, in luxurious surroundings, and he can dress as he likes, to eat it."

"Effortlessly chic"
Guide Michelin

The Colony Grill Room Ribeye and Sides
The Colony Grill Room at The Beaumont Hotel in London
The Colony Grill Room Murals

A Gourmet Gift

A gift to be enjoyed by many, gathering family and friends around the table, in a warm, celebratory atmosphere.

The Colony Grill Room Gift Vouchers can be personalised to your own specification and customised to the value of your choice from a minimum starting price of £15.

The vouchers are valid for 12 months.

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